Young Numismatist Program Material

One of the primary activities of the YN meetings is the Youth Auction. The OCCC YNs use their "YN Bucks" to bid on coins and other numismatic items that are placed up for auction. New members receive 25 "YN Bucks" when they join the OCCC, and then earn additional monies by becoming active participants in the club. The table below shows the different tasks that YNs can perform to earn "YN Bucks".

YN Bucks
Attend a Meeting
Attend the YN meeting, 6:45PM on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month
Complete Homework
Complete and turn in the assigned homework, as it appears in the current issue of the Sand Dollar. Here is a Homework Answer Sheet to record answers
Perform a "Show and Tell"
Perform a "Show and Tell" during the YN Meeting
Complete a "JNN"
Complete and turn in one of the Junior Numismatic Newsletters
Complete a YN Project
Complete and turn in one of the selected YN Projects
Exhibit at a Show
Create an exhibit for one of the OCCC Annual Shows (April or September)
Write Article for Sand Dollar
Write and submit an article for the monthly Sand Dollar Newsletter
Bring in a New Member
Bring in a friend and receive YN Bucks when he/she joins the OCCC
Assist with Auction
Serve as a runner for the OCCC regular auction
Help Sell "Lucky Draw" Tickets
Help sell the "Lucky Draw" tickets before the regular meeting
National Show Setup
Help with setup/cleanup for the national show in September
YN Meeting Setup/Cleanup
Help with setup/cleanup of the chairs before and after the YN Meeting
YN Bonus Projects
Complete the listed bonus project and receive award

The following are details and links to some of the YN program materials that are members will find useful.  Here is some useful information on coin collecting basics.

Homework - In each issue of the "Sand Dollar" (the monthly OCCC Newsletter), there are usually two sets of YN homework questions, one for each YN meeting during that month. Answer the questions and bring the completed homework to the YN meeting to receive credit. The earned "YN Bucks" will be given at the next YN meeting.

If you need to turn in your homework answers and don't want to lose your copy of the Sand Dollar, use this handy YN Homework Answer Sheet. Just print it out, fill in the answers for the current homework, write your name, and turn it in!

"Show and Tell" - Talking about the coins in your collection is an easy way to earn "YN Bucks". Bring in something from your collect (one coin or a group) and share your interest with the other YNs. Let them know something about the items, how you got it, and why it is interesting to you. YNs performing "Show and Tell" will receive credit and the "YN Bucks" at the next meeting.

Junior Numismatic Newsletters - The JNNs consist of a single-page article related to a numismatic topic, followed by a set of 10 questions. For each assigned JNN, read the article and answer the questions, and turn in the completed JNN at the next YN meeting. You will receive credit and your "YN Bucks" at the next meeting. The JNNs can be obtained at the YN Meetings, or downloaded directly from the links below:

JNN List
JNN 1 - 2-cent Coin
JNN 5 - Early Cents
JNN 9 - Early Money
JNN 2 - Kennedy Half
JNN 6 - Lincoln/Kennedy
JNN 10 - First US Paper Money
JNN 3 - Lincoln Cent
JNN 7 - Federal Reserve Notes
JNN 11 - Early Coins
JNN 4 - US Mints
JNN 8 - Early US Coppers

YN Project List - The YN projects are "self-paced" activities geared towards collecting a group of related numismatic items. There is no time limit on the activity. Simply collect the items as described in the project listing and bring them into the next YN meeting. You will received credit for the task and receive your "YN Bucks" at the next meeting. The entire list of YN project can be found here.

Exhibits - The OCCC hosts two coins shows during the year; our major coin show in September and a smaller show during April in celebration of National Coin Week. The YNs are encouraged to create and display exhibits during both of these shows. Also, our members have created exhibits for display in their schools, in local municipal buildings, or at coins shows at the GSNA or the ANA. Some additional information on how to create an exhibit can be found here.

YN Bonus Projects

Periodically, the YNs are given the opportunity to complete bonus projects and be awarded either additional YN Bucks or coin prizes. Here are the current bonus projects:

  • Philippines Currency - Perform some research on the Philippine coins and currency and receive a mint 20 peso note.
  • Westward-Ho Nickels - Collect all 4 Westward-Ho (2004-2005) nickels from change and receive a bonus coin.
  • Lincoln Cent Want List - One of our adult club members has graciously volunteered to fill the "Want List" of any OCCC youth member who collects Lincoln Cents. Just print out and fill out your "Want List" from here by indicating which coins you need, and turn in the completed list to either of the YN Directors. You probably won't get a 1914D or a 1909SVDB, but you can fill out a lot of those hard to find dates.

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