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Who we are:

The Ocean County Coin Club was created in 1970 by six sailors and one marine who wanted to share and expand their knowledge of coins. The original meeting location was at Lakehurst Naval Airstation. We currently meet at the Ocean Fire Company #1 in Point Pleasant Beach on the corner of Arnold and St. Louis Avenues (next to the post office).  We strive to share our knowledge and admiration of numismatics with monthly meetings, show and tells,  in-house auctions, and occasional guest speakers. We also offer a Young Numismatists Club for ages 6-17. They meet at 6:30 and our regular meetings begin at 7:30. New members are always welcome. 

Annual Meetings and Events

Our December 5th Christmas party was a  huge  success. Thank you to those who participated and much thanks to those who brought the outstanding food and desserts. Check out the new postings in our photo gallery.

Our last meeting of the year is Dec. 19th.  There will  be  a  YN  meeting  at  6:30  and  a  regular  meeting  at  7:30.


Wishing you the best and hope you stay on the mend. Great to see you again John V, Paul F, Toni and Hugo


The  Ocean  County  Coin  Club  honors  our  club  veterans  and  thanks  them  for  their  service.  We  honor:  Jim  M, Dolly H, Renee B, Ernie D, Bill M, Harry O, Walter  P,  Richard  W,  John  L, and Stanley D.

Our 49th Annual Coin Show Was A Great Success

Thank  you  to  everyone  who  attended  our  show.  We  had  over  200  people  enjoy  the  coins,  currency,  tokens  and  other  collectibles  of  the  21  dealers  present.  In  addition  we  had  several  of  our  Young  Numismatists  create  interesting  exhibits  which  were  voted  on  by  show  participants to determine who earned first and second place prizes.    

Please see our photo gallery to see the many pics taken at the show. 

Young Numismatist Club News

The Club elders are very grateful for the knowledge and initiative of YN Mathew T. for establishing a Google Classroom account. YN homework will now be posted online. YNs can receive more info at the meetings regarding access. This will be a great tool for the club and will enable greater participation and improved communication for the YNs.

Thanks to the generosity of our collector members and loyal dealers we have now collected over 2,000 cents and we will be needing even more of all grade levels. The goal is to put together and slab a certified set of all grades in order to maintain a grading program for our YN's to study, discuss, and learn from at each meeting.

All YN's are encouraged to bring in their Indian or Lincoln cents and their albums to the meeting.

New members are always welcome. The YN meeting begins at 6:30 pm.

Our 50th Anniversary Commemorative Coins and Pins are here!

We are very pleased to announce that our club's 50th Anniversary Coins and Pins are in. The design celebrates our history and longevity; and they are beautiful! These are sure to be something every club member should have and something that NJ numismatists should want to include in their collections. Coins are $10 for members; $15 for non-members. Pins are $5 for members and $6 for n0n-members. Each will be available at club meetings and future shows.


How much does it cost to join the club?

Adults: $15, Young Numismatists aka YNs (ages 6-17) $10

Family: $20

How often do we have meetings?

We meet on the first and third Thursday of most months. We meet once a month in Jan, Feb, July, and Aug.

Where do we meet?

We meet at the Ocean Firehouse #1 on Arnold Ave. right next to the Point Pleasant Beach Post Office. 

Is parking available?

There is a free parking lot adjacent to the building and Street parking is free.

What time do we meet?

Doors open at 5:30 with members preparing for the meeting, enjoying camaraderie, selling displayed items, and pre-viewing items for the auction held during the meeting. The Juniors (Young Numismatists) meet at 6:30. The regular meeting begins at 7:30 and generally ends at 8:30.

Do I have to be a member to attend a meeting?

No. If you are interested in learning about our club or if you need some Coin and Currency questions answered please stop by. Only members can list items for our in house auctions but non-members can bid and make purchases.

Who can join?

You need not be an expert in coins to join, We welcome anyone from novice to professionals. Our YN (Young Numismatist) is open for children ages 6-17. Everyone 18 and above may participate in club meetings and activities. 

How can I participate in regular meeting auctions?

Any member or non-member can bid on the auctioned items. However, only members in good standing (your dues must be paid) can list items. Auction Applications are shown in our Photo Gallery and may be printed out. Please note the guidelines on the form.

I have more questions, is there a contact phone number?

For additional information contact 732-966-5440 or email at

About Us


Since  its founding in May 1970, the Ocean County Coin Club has worked hard to promote coin collecting and the study of numismatics. The club also assists beginners, young collectors, and experienced collectors, with its meetings, in-house auctions, coins shows, and periodic newsletters.


2019 Meeting Dates

Mar. 7  & 21, Apr. 4  & 18,  May 2  & 16,  Jun. 6 & 20,  Jul.  18,  Aug. 15,  Sep. 5 & 19,  Oct. 3 & 17,  Nov. 7 & 21,  Dec 5 & 19

at the Point Pleasant Beach Firehouse on Arnold Ave. Young Numismatists meeting 6:30. Regular meeting begins at 7:30. New members always welcome.


2019 Garden State Young Numismatist of the Year hails from the Ocean County Coin Club

We are very proud of our YN Mathew T. for his recent award from the Garden State Numismatic Association. Mathew works very hard all year long promoting numismatics. He has displayed his exhibits at the local public library, at his school, at our coin shows, and he continually demonstrates loyalty and dedication to our club by selflessly volunteering to perform a variety of different duties and tasks.


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